Company Information

Name Luminessus Inc.
Headquarters Address 2-11-3 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3409-3070
FAX 03-3409-3072
Lab. One place in the Kanto region
Executives Founder, CTO Toshihiko Sawada
President, CEO Kunihiko Iinuma
COO Atsushi Katayanagi
CFO Hirokazu Eguchi
  • The research and development  of a luminescence  pigment


A blue green luminous pigment are used as LED light emitters.
Although the research of electro-photo luminescence has been progressing now,
the research and chemical verification of a spontaneous light pigment really fall behind.

We developed the technology to prevent the hydrolysis that is the weakest point of this pigment.
In addition, it  was difficult to commercialize this pigment because we had to match every materials with the pigment. However,  we developed the technology that can match the pigment with every materials and it became easier to commercialize it. We released  our original pigment‘Luminessus CJ series` that introduced the technology for different use and fully waterproof that employed in V series from November, 2014.

We`ll achieve producing the first purely domestic pigment in Japan and mass-producing it in 2015.
We are sure to make the pigment further evolve.

【current situation】

  • We signed a Standard Purchase Agreement with Bridgestone Corporation in  August 2015.
  • Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program (Supporting Industry Program) was certified ad the budget was adapted , so we started a joint research with Shizuoka University.
  • We undertook to introduce tiles, glass-aggregates, aggregates, calcium silicate boards, MDF building materials, paint and silicone that were already developed into the market.

【future plans】

In September 2015

  • The first domestic research institute operated.
  • We started to develop the next purely domestic pigment(joint research with Shizuoka University)
  • We started to conduct the plan to construct the factory.

In 2016

  • We are planning to produce a purely domestic pigment and commercialize them.

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